Non-Reservable Campgrounds

There are many developed camp and picnic grounds in the southern half of the Park. Most are equipped with a table, fire grate and garbage can. Vault toilets are located throughout the camping/picnicking areas. The smaller campgrounds are NOT reservable and self filled on a first come – first served basis. All that is needed to use a non-reservable site is a valid Park Permit - either a Day or an Annual Permit.

Some Non-Reservable Areas include:

  • Camping around Beaver Creek Reservoir (excluding the Community Effort Site.)
  • Eagle Rock area
  • Zartman Memorial Campground
  • Shambo Campground
  • Doney Campground
  • Hagener Campground
  • Woodring Memorial Campground
  • Springs Campground
  • Hidden Hollows

There are also individual un-named sites throughout the Park as well. Most of the campsites will be on the southern half of the Park.