Price Changes for 2019

Price Changes for 2019

At the December 3rd, 2018 Park Board Meeting, the Board voted to implement new fees and booking options for both reservable Campgrounds and Camp Kiwanis.  These prices are effective for the 2019 season.


*No longer able to reserve a single night on weekends.

Non-Holiday Weekend (in Friday, out Sunday) $200, with $100 per additional day (if available) Example: Friday-Sunday: $200. Thursday-Sunday: $300, etc.  *Note* You are no longer able to reserve just Friday night or just Saturday night

Holiday Weekend (in Thursday, out Sunday OR in Friday and out Monday) $400, with $100 per additional day (if available)

Weekdays: $100 per night.

Please remember that there are only 11 reservable campgrounds, and the majority of the camp sites in the Park are not reservable and filled on a first come-first served basis (a Park Permit is required.)  As always, we will start taking 2019 reservations at 9 am on the first working day of 2019, which will be January 2nd, 2019.

Camp Kiwanis

*No longer able to reserve a single night.

Youth Camp Week day Package: 4 days 3 Nights: $1,500. 

Youth Camp weekend Package: 4 days 3 Nights:  $2,000.

General use Week day package: 4 days 3 Nights (week days) $1,600

General use weekend package: 3 days 2 nights (In Friday out Sunday) for $2,400, with $500 for one additional night (if available.)

Provision: groups can petition the Board for special circumstances regarding rates & days.

With Camp Kiwanis, the Board recognizes that this is a substantial increase from the 2018 fee schedule and might cause budget concerns for your group.  The Board did include the above provision for groups to petition the Board regarding rates and days for 2019 ONLY.  Please attend the next Park Board meeting on January 7th at 5:30 pm at the Timmons Room in the Hill County Courthouse to voice your concerns.  The Park Board will also be re-examining other Camp Kiwanis policies such as check-in/check-out times during this transition.

As you may know, all of the facilities at Camp Kiwanis are aging and in need of renovation.  The Park has been able to use donations and grant funding to complete some of the smaller projects, but overall is largely unable to adequately fund routine Camp Kiwanis maintenance with the revenue generated from Camp Kiwanis.  One of the reasons the Board voted to raise rates was to start securing the funding needed to renovate the bath-houses in Camp Kiwanis, and other large scale projects not covered under routine yearly maintenance.  Camp Kiwanis rates have not been raised since 2014, and rates for youth functions have not been raised since 2001.  Additionally, the Board is recognizing the need to competitively market Park facilities so that they can be maintained to higher standards of cleanliness, safety, and aesthetics.

The Board welcomes your feed back, and is looking to make this transition as smooth as possible. We do ask that you please be patient with us as we work on ironing out any wrinkles in the new plans.

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