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Campgrounds: Reservable dates are May 1 thru Sept 15 of the current year.  The Office starts taking Reservations on the first working day of the year, (January 2, 2019) and online Reservations will not open until after January 15, 2019.  Youth camps are free of charge but must be reserved thru the Park Office and not online.

Camp Kiwanis: Reservable dates are mid May thru mid September, and reservations are taken up to two (2) years in advance.  Reservations are unavailable online, please contact the Park Office for rates and to reserve your dates.

Chapel: Reservable dates are weather dependent, priority is given to Camp Kiwanis Reservations. Please contact the Park Office to reserve.


Marden's Campground is located just northwest of the Camp Office, and has a large flat grassy area, good for large group activities or additional parking. There is a large open-sided pavilion in case your picnic needs to be moved out of the rain, and access to the creek is within walking distance. The area has some tree cover around the pavilion, and offers playground equipment consisting of swing sets and teeter totters, volleyball poles and 2 horseshoe pits.  There is a cement ring around the firepit, and a double wooden outhouse.

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The Elks Campground is a smaller campground located directly north of the Camp Office. The campground is nestled in a wooded location close to the highway making for easy access, and offers two sets of horseshoe pits. There is no creek access at the campground, but creek access is still within walking distance. A new Handicap accessible outhouse was installed during the summer of 2015.

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Eagles Campground is a large campground, with a large open-sided pavilion. This campground does have electrical hook-ups (available for extra charge) and is great for larger gatherings. There are three sets of horseshoe pits, volleyball poles, a swing set and teeter totter.  This campground features large flat space, great for large group activities or just extra parking space. Beaver Creek is readily accessible, and the Eagles Campground also features a wooden ADA accessible outhouse.

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Dean Hanson Memorial Campground

The Dean Hanson Memorial Campground is a wooded and private area, with a concrete handicap accessible outhouse. There is a concrete slab around a large firepit, and Beaver Creek is readily accessible.


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Rotary Campground has a large partially walled pavilion and easy access to Rotary Pond and Beaver Creek. The concrete outhouse is handicap accessible, and the area is wooded. The area is also flat, and there are many camping sites. There is an upright BBQ unit and a large fire pit by the Pavilion, as well as sidewalk from the Pavilion to the parking area and the pedestrian bridge.

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JayCees (JC's)

The JayCee’s (JC’s) Campground is a smaller campground, with a concrete handicap accessible outhouse and a pedestrian bridge across Beaver Creek to the Hagener Campground. The campground is wooded, with a large fire ring, volleyball poles and horseshoe pits.


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Havre Fire Department (Fireman's)

Fireman's Campground was renovated during the summer of 2015, and has an open sided pavilion, volleyball poles, and a concrete ADA accessible outhouse.

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Railroad Pager (RR Pagers)

The Rail Road Pager’s Campground has the largest semi-enclosed pavilion with an indoor fireplace. The Campground also includes multiple sites and firepits, one firepit with a concrete slab. Two sets of horseshoe pits and single set of volleyball poles are available. The campground is a large, wooded area with many extra picnic tables, and excellent creek access including a pedestrian walking bridge of Beaver Creek. There are benches strategically placed around the campground, and the outhouses are handicap accessible. The Pager's Club did recently install electricity at the Pavilion which is available with a Campground Reservation for an additional fee. The Pagers Campground is also within walking distance of several access points to the Bear Paw Nature Trail; a scenic and historic hiking trail.

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Lion's Camp

Flood damage was repaired in the Lion's Campground during the summer of  2016,  which included the addition of an additional outhouse and pavilion.  The Lion's Campground is a spot that offers a lot of tree cover, and has two pavilions (both with interior fireplace) and 2 concrete ADA accessible outhouses.  There are horseshoe pits and a pedestrian bridge crossing Beaver Creek.  Also, the Lion's Campground is located in the middle of the Bear Paw Nature Trail; a scenic and historic hiking trail, with the trail skirting the edge of the Campground.

Note: Starting the summer of 2019 the Lion's Campground will be split into two separate reservable campgrounds.  Final details are still being worked out, please stay tuned for up-dates!

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Havre Police Protective Association (HPPA)

The Havre Police Protective Association Campground (HPPA) is a wooded area, located in a private cul-de-sac. There is a horseshoe pit, and a concrete slab around a large fire-pit. The campground has 2 additional smaller fire-pits for individual sites, and the recently updated outhouse is handicap accessible. A new pavilion was installed during the summer of 2016, and is wired to power lights and electrical outlets from a self-provided generator. The Campground has excellent creek access, and is within walking distance of several access points for the scenic and historic Bear Paw Nature Trail.

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Community Effort Pavilion

The Community Effort Site was a group effort spearheaded by the local Rail Road Pagers and the Walleyes Unlimited groups, and is the only Reservable site at Beaver Creek Reservoir (First Lake.) The Pavilion is partially walled, with many picnic tables. The fishing pier provides easy fishing access to the lake, and concrete sidewalks connect the pier, pavilion and  concrete ADA accessible outhouses making this site the easiest to navigate. There are memorial benches strategically placed throughout the site, and there is a large parking area, two sets of horseshoe pits, and several small memorial trees.

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Camp Kiwanis


Kiwanis Camp Reservations include the Lodge, the Bathhouses, the Rec Hall and 13 Cabins. Available recreational amenities include a volleyball net, softball backstage, horseshoe pits, and a fire pit.

Reservations are unavailable online for Camp Kiwanis, please contact our office for rental information at (406) 395-4565.

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About the Park

There are many developed camp and picnic grounds in the southern half of the Park.  Most are equipped with tables, fire grates and vault toilets.  Smaller campgrounds do not require prior reservations but some special areas may be reserved for larger group activities.  Also available at Camp Kiwanis is a youth camp with cottages, activity building and a dining/recreation building.  These are available for organized groups by advance reservation only and there is a fee for their use.  Learn More
 This large, varied park offers limitless opportunities for recreation.   You can camp by lake or stream, where fishing in both is excellent!  Picniking is a major activity all through the summer and you may hike or ride horseback on maintained trails or cross country.  The Bear Paw Nature Trail is an educational and scenic trek.  Some people come to watch birds and animals, to sightsee, phtoograph, paint or just to relax.  There are children's summer camps and cabin site leases.  Winter activities include ice fishing, cross country skiing, snowshoeing, sledding and some snowmobiling.
 Beaver Creek Park is located 10 miles South of Havre, Montana. After entering Havre, turn South on 5th Ave. Continue South on Beaver Creek Road.  Learn More
Beaver Creek Park is open 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year.

Office Hours:

Office Hours vary Seasonally, please contact the Office for current hours.

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This is your Park

Provided for your pleasure and enjoyment.  What can you do to help preserve the park environment?

  • Campfires add to the experience of the outdoors.  Campers are encouraged to pick up dead fall for camp use. Please note that the cutting of standing trees is NOT allowed - trees must be dead and down.
  • The park staff is helped by your comments and reports on the condition of the park amenities.
  • Be on the lookout for signs of vandalism, and report immediately.
  • Respect other park users.  Just as you, they are using the park for enjoyment, recreation and relaxation.
  • Bicycling and hiking are wonderful ways to get "off-road."  Bicycles can be used on all trails and hiking leaves virtually no trace or damage.
  • Pack it in, pack it out.  Beaver Creek Park provides garbage and trash services, however, your help will enhance staff efforts to maintain an inviting, safe and pleasing park environment for all.
  • As you explore the park, you may encounter flora that you don't recognize.  Noxious weeds are having an increasingly negative impact not only on the park, but all grasslands.  If you suspect or question the flora you encounter, bring your concerns and questions to the attention of the park staff.

Take pride in your park, protect it from damage.