Update on Proposed Cabin Lease Changes

Update on Proposed Cabin Lease Changes

The Park Board continued the discussion on the Proposed Cabin Lease at the March 5th Park Board Meeting, where they received feedback from the County Attorney's Office and sent the draft back to the Rules and Regulations Committee.  The Committee met Wednesday March 21st, took a few more public comments, made some minor word changes, and approved the draft to send back to the Park Board.

The Board had a Special Meeting at 1 pm at the Timmons Room on March 23rd, where they received the final draft from the Committee, approved it, and sent it to the County Commissioners to start the ordinance process.

The Commissioners held the First Reading of the Cabin Lease Ordinance on Monday, March 26th, and the Second Reading will be 2 pm on Monday April 9th.  If there are no changes made, the Ordinance will become legally binding May 9th, and will be sent out this spring.

People can still submit written public comment to: the Park Office; the Park Board at any Board Meeting; or to the Commissioners.  When submitting your comments please be very specific and refer to the specific Section and Part of the Lease Document so that it is very clear as to what language change you are proposing.  The most current lease draft is attached below.  The 'Showing Recent Changes' copy shows the changes that were made by the Board at the March 5th Board Meeting (in yellow,) as well as the changes that were proposed by the Rules and Regs at the March 21 Committee and accepted by the Board at the March 23rd Meeting (in blue.)  The 'Final Draft' copy is the final document with all final edits completed.

Showing Recent Changes

Final Draft

If you have any questions or comments please contact the Park Office at 395-4565.

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