Proposed Weed Mill Tax Levy

Proposed Weed Mill Tax Levy

There will be a Special Election held May 25th of 2017 and on the ballot will be a Proposed Weed Mill Levy.  We at Beaver Creek Park strongly encourage you to consider voting for this proposed Levy.

Beaver Creek Park is funded solely thru Park Usage Fees (Park Use Permits, Camp Kiwanis and Campground Reservations, Cabin Lease Fees, Haying Fees and Fall/Winter Grazing Fees) and does not receive Hill County Tax dollars.  Beaver Creek Park does not have the funding or staff to adequately manage the known infestations of Noxious weeds in the Park.  We rely heavily on the Hill County Weed District to manage the weeds within the County Park, who is able to spray the county roads and right of ways throughout the Park, monitor and spray known infestations, assist with a yearly Spray Day and conducts yearly burdock digs with local schools.  The Hill County Weed District's work load and costs have increased exponentially over the years, and their amount of funding has remained the same.  The noxious weed infestation in the Park is much larger than the Park and the Weed District together can adequately manage, and the proposed mill levy would raise funds that would help these efforts immensely, possibly to the point of eradication of these infestations.

Please consider voting for this proposed levy.

Noxious Weeds in the Park

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